IN, baby showers, & packing

Praise God, we are finally IN PGN! My agency emailed last Friday to tell us the good news!! It was truly perfect timing because we had our first baby shower the next day!

The shower was such a blessing and we received so much stuff for the cuties, they are two spoiled little girls :)

The cake!

So, the official countdown begins : 9 days 'til we leave!!! I am still in shock and I still have a list a mile long, most things don't have to be done before we leave, but one essential that does have to be done is packing.

Packing for weekend trips is so different, I figure if I forget something, no big deal, it's only a weekend. But this trip is so much more pressure, I'm pretty much packing for the rest of my life (ok, i know it just seems like it) and I know it's not all going to fit, and I also know I'm going to forget something really important.

Well, at least we're set to go to the pool!


Doesn't this just break your heart??

I think she's saying "I want my Mam and Pap"

COME ON facilitator.



It's crazy, that I even want to go into that black hole, otherwise known as PGN, but I know the only way OUT is IN... Our facilitator told me that the social worker will release the report tomorrow, and that we will go immediately into PGN. The Lord just continues to give Papá and myself a great peace. We are praying for a miracle! Even if we are not in and OUT in a month, we will trust and know that no matter what God is in control.

My baby shower is this weekend... more about that later!

We worked on the girls' room this weekend, what do you think??

This is the wall art above their beds... they are my little princesses :)

This is hanging above their closet. What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of.


To go, or not to go...

that really is *the* question. Now, if I could just figure out the answer...

I just want to have my family ALL together.

I miss my sweet peas.


The Land of Eternal Spring

I have to admit, one very nice added blessing about Guatemala is that it is beautiful! Especially the city that I will be fostering in!! This place reminded me of the Garden of Eden.. not being sac religious, but it's one of the closest pictures I have seen here on earth so far.

The fact that it's 70-80 degrees year round doesn't hurt either. The apartment that I'm renting is a one bdrm studio. It's very clean and even has a 20" x 20" grassy back yard, that we'll be able to play in.

My kitchen has a small stove-top, a little fridge, microwave, crockpot and coffeemaker, which I'm sure will be put to use everyday :)

The only thing it's still missing is me and my girls!


Love these girls...

so you can see just how cute they are! They were in their jammies ready for bedtime bottles, and I just started bouncing, and they loved to hear their voices.

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We heard today from our facilitator, that we can be sure our case will be submitted to PGN by the end of this week. We'll keep praying!!!



Wanna get IN, so then we can get OUT! I have not heard from our facilitator since the beginning of this week. I'm praying, praying, praying that soon we will have that receipt.

"Hi Mamá, please come be with me"

"I miss my Mamá, she needs to hold me"


Morning Memories

Some of our favorite memories from this past weekend were our mornings together as a family. The girls are sooo sweet when they first wake up, not like their crabby papá :) Both babies were great sleepers, and I throughly enjoyed their schedule. Bedtime: 9:30, and up at 8:30! I can handle that. We would usually hear them wake, because they'd start stirring or making soft noises. One of us would go over to their crib and bring them back to bed with us. They would be content to just cuddle and snuggle for 30 mins or more, until they were ready for their morning bottle. Even though they are 9 months old, they are still my baby girls and I plan on doing this with them as long as they'll let me :) Does 12 sound too old??

Buenos Dias!


They're getting TOO big...

...which of course, I'm happy about, but also sad about because I'm missing them grow!! Our third visit was so wonderful and being a family was the best!!! Both the girls are crawling, smiling, talking and have lots of energy! Smiles was a daddy's girl, she loved his chin hair and always wanted daddy to pick her up :) Squeaks LOVES her blankie.. she would not go anywhere without it. DH and I are talking about me leaving as soon as I can. We are thinking between March 1-15. We found an awesome apartment (small, but very nice) and it's available as soon as I am! My list of things to do, before I leave is already a mile long, but I will try to keep this up to date as I prepare for the fostering trip of a lifetime! Here are some pics of my sweet bombons!!!
Look, they have the camera out, again!

Say CHEESE!!! (Smiles)

Squeaks and her blankie