how is it, we go 4.5 mos in Guat with NO sickness and then in less than 2 mos of being home, everyone (but me thankfully) gets sick, not just once but twice?? (sigh) oh well, hopefully they'll all be feeling better soon, and in the meantime at least mommy is healthy enough to take care of everyone!

i'll let the pics show some of what we've been up to!

Mommy and one of her girls

Daddy and one of his girls

Meeting Dora at the Hispanic Festival

The petting zoo

Mommy thought the best part was when the lamb sneezed on daddy's hand :)

Their 1st lollipops!

They were literally drolling all over their shirts (way too cute)

Finally meeting Uncle Jeff...

and Aunt Jen for the FIRST time (last immediate family to meet the girls!)

Reuniting with Bela (another Guat girl) this was the 1st time we hung out in the U.S.!

All 10 of us together for the first time!

Gotta take a goofy shot too :)

The twins (girls) with their twin uncles!


6 Months Together

6 mos ago today, Matt and I sat in the foyer of La Casa Grande Hotel, Guatemala City, Guatemala. I remember waking early, being way too excited to sleep! Although March 8th was one of the best days of my life, it was also filled with immense sadness, nervousness and uncertainty. We had seen the girls last only 1 month earlier, but the visit had been terribly hard and sad. The girls were old enough in February to recognize us as strangers and we could tell they were mourning and missing their foster mom. Addy, especially was greiving and it was heart breaking for Matt and I to watch. That visit and an incredible grant from Shaohannah's Hope starting the wheels turning about the idea of fostering. So, as the Lord continued to work out the details, I found myself cking out the foyer window every couple of minutes as our decision to foster was beginning!

6 months ago today, matt and I never had to say "good-bye" to our sweet children again! The girls came to us as tiny, uncertain babies. They were loved a ton by their foster moms and I know they did the best job they could. As our fostering journey began I remember being scared out of my mind about the "unknown". I am a typical type "A" firstborn, and planning (ahead (A LOT)) is part of my nature. To move to a third world country, knowing that in weeks I'd be alone with two 10 mos old children without my husband, was needless to say, a very stretching step for me to take. I knew I had GOD behind me and that alone is the only reason I was able to make that step! I couldn't write enough about how GLAD and thankful I am that I did take that step!

After being the girls caregiver for 6 months, I have been blessed to see them grow, mature and absolutely thrive! I couldn't imagine being a mom as any more amazingly awesome! I am completely blessed by two little girls who call me "Mama". What a great 6 months it has been!

My sweet tiny little girls 6 mos ago

My sweet adorable toddlers today!

Gabriella 6 mos ago

Gabri today

Adelina 6 mos ago

Addy today!


Labor Day

wow, where has the week gone? we decided to take the girls to the beach (with the rest of Chicago) on Labor Day. They (of course) have never been to Lake Michigan before and this was also their first time at a beach! They LOVED it! Loved the sand, the waves, the water, loved it all! They couldn't get enough of it! I think we've started a new Labor Day tradition!!!


Elmo's World

I caught the girls dancin' to their Elmo dvd.. and couldn't resist posting the video! I know I'm biased but I think they are the cutest!!!