Chunky Monkey!

I went for Savannah's 1 mos ck-up on Tuesday and was shocked (but pleased) that our sweet "little" Miss had gained almost 3 lbs in her first month of life! She also grew 1.5 inches! So, I think it will only be a matter of time, before she catches up to the twins (can you believe she's already close to half their weight -- crazy!). All the girls are doing so well, and we're really getting into a great schedule!


Our past 2 weeks

we have been keeping plenty busy with three little ones.. but also have been enjoying our sweet little blessings! here are a few pics to catch up since Savannah has come home!

After playing out in the rain with Daddy (they took the big towels and left Daddy the little one :)

So excited for their first picnic!

Lovin' their baby sister


Addy Grace

Our THREE girls!!!

Being as adorable as usual :D

The other day Addy made up her own "knock-knock" joke.. the best part is that she had only previously heard one before she came up with her own.. too cute!!