Less than 10 wks!

We had my last (30 wk) ultrasound today and it was so awesome to see how much Savannah had grown in the past 10 wks! She weighed in at 3.4 lbs (which is exactly at the 50th percentile). So, if she continues to grow at an avg. speed, she should be about 7-7.5 lbs at delivery!! We also got to see her putting her fingers in her mouth and see her heartbeat! The girls were so excited when they heard her heart (just like when they play with their doctor's kit at home). I hadn't gained any weight since my last visit (3 wks ago)! Yay, all my exercising and eating healthy finally paid off, and even the ultrasound tech today thought I was in for my 20 wk ultrasound :)

Can't wait for our little pumpkin to get here!

A few wks ago we went and had some photos taken at a portrait studio and altho the girls wouldn't smile (at least I got them to stop crying :) I think they turned out so, so cute! I'm telling you - THOSE EYES!!! Don't know how you don't get lost looking into them!!!

So sweet!! The photographer told them to give each other a hug and this is what they did!!


One Year

Can it possibly be that one year ago, i was headed to Antigua, Guatemala to never be separated from my children again?? On this day one year ago, Gabriella Maria Hope & Adelina Ramona Grace were placed in our arms FOREVER! Matt still had to make trips back and forth, but since this day one year ago, I have been with my babies every single day (except those two days I was home in Chicago for my SIL's wedding).

All my life I've wanted to be a wife and a mom, and I can't do anything but tear up and shake my head in amazement at how good GOD has been to allow those dreams of mine to come true! I wouldn't have ever guessed but being a wife and a mom is BETTER than I ever imagined! I am so grateful to have Gabri & Addy in my life and to have them as a part of our family!

Matt and I for last time without the girls :D

Driving to Antigua to start our fostering journey