haircuts and walking!

ok, i know, i know... technically the girls had already gotten a hack job... err.. haircut in guatemala, but since i wasn't there and I didn't want it, i am declaring that it didn't count! So, the girls got their FIRST haircuts yesterday and were too cute. It made me laugh to see their little heads popping out from under the smock. It was really just a little trim to even it out, but it was still so fun!!

Ironically, as I was talking the phone to my SIL the other day she asked me if the girls were walking yet. I gave my typical answer of "no more than 10-20 steps independently, I think crawling is still faster, therefore they don't want to walk yet." well, i should have known... that same day Addy started walking MORE than she was crawling. I figured I'd see how the next day or two went, maybe just a one-day thing?? It's official my baby doll is WALKING and many times it's more like running! She is too cute, but it makes me sad that she's getting sooo big! Maybe Gabs will wait a bit before she takes off?? I think that may be wishful thinking.

.. and yes, i know it's dangerous to let her walk with her sippy in her mouth :) I didn't have the heart to stop her, as she was so determined. This video was taken the first day she started officially walking, she's only gotten better and faster at it :)

oh, and one last picture... is this not the cutest in the world?!?


4 weeks & PetSmart

I am still in awe of the fact that we've been home for 4 wks! Part of me is still in Guatemala and the other part is here in IL. I can't help but think about all the friends still there wanting to be home, or the children still there desiring a family to call their own. Matt and I are so incredibly blessed by our girls, I really couldn't begin to try and type it. I am humbled at the privilege I have to parent Gabri & Addy! I LOVE being a SAHM, and am soooo thankful that my husband lets me be home with my girls all day, everyday!!! I am still amazed at how quickly the weeks zoom by. There are still so many things I want to do with the girls, and i have to remind myself that we have time :) Today, we made a trip to PetSmart! WOW, talk about free fun -- this was my kind of outing :)

I'll let the pictures show how much fun we had!

Lovin' the fish

... and the birds

... and the gerbils

... AND watching the big, huge Saint Bernard get groomed!!!

They even got to pet (and kiss :) one of the dogs leaving "Obedience School", out in the parking lot

"Mom, PetSmart was the best!! Can we come back again, soon!?!"


breaking out the burley

I can't believe that August is already half-way over. This Tuesday we'll have been in the US for 4 weeks. My, how the time flies... more than anything I want to cherish every second.
We decided to take the girls out for a bike ride in the burley today!! Tons of FUN -- and I think the girls had a good time too :)


Per request...

pictures of the girls' wagon ride at Grandpa & Grandma K's!

1st time in their little red wagon!

Faster Grandpa, faster!

Comon' Grandma, let's go!!

Still sick -- poor girls

"Sissy, what is that you have up there?"

Looking at the goat!



we went 5 mos in Guatemala with NO sickness (besides chicken pox).. but there were no coughs, no runny noses or watery eyes. We've been home for almost 3 weeks now, and both girls are down with colds :( I am thinking it could definitely be related to the A/C? Considering they've never even been in an air-conditioned environment for their whole life, maybe it was just a bit too much. Poor girls! But it hasn't stopped us from keeping busy! Still play-dates to schedule, people to meet, stores to run to and things to organize around the house!

The girls met our pediatrician last week, and had to get some shots too -- but they really did great! Both continue to develop and grow so well, and each had already gained .5lb since we got home -- we have never had so much food :) Addy (who is younger) has always been on avg. 3-6 oz. lighter than her big sister. On Monday they weighed in 16.9 lbs and 16.8 lbs! They also both grew over an inch (in less than 2 mos)... I can literally say these girls are growing like weeds, and of course we couldn't be happier!!

Here are some pics from the past week or so:

Trains at Great Grandpa and Grandma's house!

Swinging at the park (they love to go so high!)

Poor sick babies

Playing with their new bitty babies!!


Water and sand

We got to go with friends to the pool, here in IL for the first time yesterday! TONS of fun! We played for 4 hrs straight! Those girlys slept so well last night :) I have never seen babies "swim" like the babies do! They will fully put their faces in the water, without choking and can even blow bubbles with their mouths! They are such water bugs!!

AND.. for the FIRST time the girls got to experience SAND!! They were sooo cute, and not quite sure what to think of it. They kept trying to brush it off of their hands :)


Feeding the fish and ducks

We all know that my girls are animal lovers, which is too funny since Daddy and I are not! i think we're going to have to come up with some creative "pet ideas" for the future when the subject is bound to come up. This past week, the girls got to feed the fish and the ducks, and of course they enjoyed themselves throughly!

Swinging and feeding the ducks