My little girl learned last week how to count to 10!! Here she is -- not so little any more :(

She has a little trouble w. number 7, and don't you love how each time she says a number it sounds like a squeak!?! Today, at the store I was asked how old they were and when I answered "almost 22 mos" the other person's reply was "wow, you almost have two two year olds!" -- can it be? Where oh where does the time go?

This week started my third trimester and I'm getting so ready for Savannah to get here! Our house search is going well, and we are still looking for that minivan! After this week's doctor appointment I start going every 2 wks, instead of every4. Ok, and here's the latest belly pic, since you asked :D Lookin' like i have a basketball under my shirt :)


Lovin' The Wiggles!

Do you love those dance moves, or what?? Next wk starts my third trimester and we finally have a name! We decided the girls' little sister will be named Savannah!! Middle name is still TBD! Can't believe in 3 short months, she'll be here and my babies will be 2 yrs old!! (in response to requests, belly pic will be posted soon!)


Bubble gum & Voting!

...and no, it's NOT true that it takes you 7 yrs to digest gum (I looked it up :), but i think this will be her last piece for a while ;)

Guess who came with me to vote on Super Tuesday!?! They were so good, and quiet ("shh, like in the library" I told them). Their favorite part was definitely the stickers, which the nice man made sure they had plenty of :D