No, no warm temps come back!

The past week was awesome! We were able to get outside and play everyday!! My girls love the sand, the playground, the swings -- they could spend all day outside!

Could those smiles be any more fake :D

I CANNOT believe my baby girls will turn TWO years old in 6 more days!!! They are truly such a joy in my life, i just cannot imagine it without them!


k, I'm back..

not like I've ever been a great and regular blogger anyway.. but now that we're all healthy again I will try to do better! My baby girls turn 2 in only 2 weeks -- ahhh, where does the time go? They are literally talking up a storm! Addy is easily putting together 5 or 6 words to make complete thoughts and learning new words everyday! I love that they can communicate what they're thinking! We went to to birthday party last wkend, and when they brought out the pinata Addy exclaimed "Bambi's daddy!" -- totally cracked me up!

I don't think they really loved the concept - but happily accepted the candy!

We've been enjoying the Spring weather and getting out everyday! Here are some pics from our windy day at the pond.

I've been feeling great, and was even spoiled by a 1 hour pregnancy massage yesterday (my first massage ever!). I've been going to the chiropractor for my back and it's made all the difference in the WORLD!! So, since our insurance covers all this, I figure I'll take advantage of it for a few more weeks, until Savannah's here! Yay for awesome insurance!

We were blessed to buy our minivan last night, which was crazy and fun! This was the first vehicle Matt and I bought together so kinda a new experience but in the end we found a great van that will be plenty big for our three carseats, not to mention all the stuff that comes with traveling with 3 under 3 :D I am definitely loving the sliding doors, and the moon/sun roof!! Almost can convince myself it's not a total mom mobile!

Our house search is going well, and I feel we're getting closer! We're really excited and just praying for wisdom! God has just blessed our family so much -- thanks for reading along!



yuck, yuck being sick is NOT fun! Having the flu virus, at 34 wks pregnant, along w/ your husband and two young children is really NOT fun! Sorry, for the lack of updates I think today is the first time I've put on mascara in almost 2 weeks. My girls just got dressed for the first time the other day, and I finally have started to get some laundry done. So, needless to say we don't have any pics to share and are feeling the time crunch as we realize only 6 more weeks 'til Savannah is due!! Hmm, maybe I should look for a mattress for her cradle :) We found a great house today, and are getting closer to the make and model of minivan that we'd like ... soooo, progress is good and as soon as i have more exciting news (like cute pics and vids of the girls) I'll be posting again :D