More pumpkins!

This past wkend we went to the BIG pumpkin farm and wow, did those girlys have FUN!!! The weather was beautiful and some of our family got to join us too!

As soon as they saw the big pumpkins, they just wanted to hug them :)

(Literally) Running as fast as those little legs will go to DORA!!

They were both hugging and kissing those wooden cutouts (they're just so sweet :)

"oh no" she does this for everything!! i can drop a paper clip and she'll say "oh no" and cover her mouth for the following 3 minutes (too cute!!)

Riding on Daddy's shoulders

Another attempt at a family shot (sigh)

Trying to pick up the big pumpkin :)

Look at that face!

They loved to use the gourds as phones

Ok, so here is a Gabri and Addy update! They both go to see the doctor for a ckup this week (a little early for their 18 mos appointment). We are both guessing they are close to 18-19 lbs. I would LOVE for them to have hit that 20 lb mark, but they are just so petite and short, I don't think we're quite there yet (oh well :) I still can't get over just how much they grow and change every single day! They are both so, so smart. They love puzzles (addy can do a few on her own), dancing (finally got the booty shakin' thing down :), books and talking! Gabriella's new thing is the jack-in-the-box, she could sit there all day and wind that thing! They are both talking a ton, and i'd say are speaking around 20 words each. Cracker and wook (work, for "where is daddy at?") are the new ones this week :) They both take one LONG afternoon nap (usually 3-3.5 hrs) and they love, love, love food. Naaak, (for snack) is one of their favorite words. They also love "ah wa wa" (cross between agua and water :). They are running everywhere and when we tell them about Mommy's baby in her belly, they both put their finger to their mouth to say "shhh", I guess they're assuming the baby is sleeping! I cannot go to the grocery store without someone coming up to me and complimenting the girls -- just today a lady at Aldi told me they look like they belong in a movie (lol). I can't help going on and on, but for the sake of the blog I'll stop :) These girls are truly blessings straight from GOD, and not one day goes by that I cannot shake my head... how awesome that I get to be their mommy!!


How cool!

We got to hear our baby's heartbeat yesterday!! My official due date is May 25 and (promise) there is only ONE baby growing in my womb :) Sorry, to all those who were rooting for another set of twins :)


Pumpkins, blessings, goldfish

I apologize for taking so long to finally blog! We, of course, have been busy and honestly there's just been so much to say and not enough time to type it.

First, be sure to keep praying for Guatemalan adoptions.

Things are very uncertain right now, and my heart just aches for those families that are caught up with so many questions and have no answers. There are still so many Guatemalan children that need, want and deserve families.

We had lots of fall fun this wkend. On Saturday we took the girls to a small pumpkin farm right down the road from us, and i seriously think the best part was them wearing winter hats!! Yes, it was actually that chilly, plus we're all still getting over our third (yes, third) round of colds around here, so we made sure to bundle those girls up! They had tons of fun!

Trying to get thru the hay maze

Are you lovin' the hats?!?

Petting the pony

Two little pumpkins

Feeding the bunny hay

Sunday was such a special, special day for us. We had our Child Dedication service at church, and the girls were able to be a part of that ceremony. As we waited back stage, ready to commit our children publicly and officially to the LORD before our church family, I couldn't stop the tears from flowing (ok, I'm sure the pregnancy hormones weren't helping either :), but I thought about how Matt and I had sat in church thru the past year and watched family after family after family dedicate their child to the LORD. I remember longing more than anything for our girls to be home so that someday we could be a part of this ceremony and yesterday we were! True, our girls were probably some of the older kids being dedicated and i felt a tinge of sorrow that we weren't able to spend those early months of their lives together as a family, but above all my heart just overflowed with feeling so, so blessed! These girls are such a gift and GOD without a doubt knew how perfectly they would fit in to our family!

Up on stage

We were so excited that our family joined us to be a part of this special day

Trying for a family photo

Two little sweet peas

and had to include one of the ruffle butts :)

And lastly, thanks for all the CONGRATS comments! We are beyond excited about another new life! I am so excited for the girls to be big sisters and am totally looking forward to all the infant stuff (yes, even midnight feedings, etc)! I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow and they should be able to confirm my due date, which is at the end of May. The girls turn 2 yrs old May 3, and our wedding anniversary is May 15. Soooo, May is turning into a busy month for us :) I have been feeling ok, but not great. Goldfish crackers, raisin bran and chicken noodle soup are about the only foods I can think about without feeling a need to run towards the bathroom. But, really I can't complain I know many, many woman have it much worse. I've not gotten as much done around the house, but that's probably because I've been napping everyday when the girls go down, hence not much is getting done, but i couldn't type enough about how awesome Matt has been -- helping so much and reassuring me I should not feel the slightest bit guilty. All in all, I am loving pregnancy and cannot wait to be a mom for the third time around! oh, and btw, yes minivans are currently on my list of things to be looking into :)