wow, were we blessed with a great baby! We went to Savannah's one wk doctor's appointment on Friday and she had already passed her birth weight by 3 oz! She is already letting us get 4-5 hrs of sleep at night and has been nursing really well! Can't believe how big she's already gotten in just over a week! Her big sisters are so sweet to her and have been adjusting to a new baby at home! Please pray for me, if you would, as Matt will have to head back to work this upcoming wk (at least for part of it) and I'll be missing his help.


Our new baby!

We were released from the hospital today and are home! I want to thank everyone specifically for all your comments and prayers for us and me, while we were at the hospital -- i DO NOT have ONE complaint. God was so good to me and my labor was amazing and easy (don't hate me :). Savannah is better, sweeter, cuter and more adorable than I could have imagined! The twins' are so sweet to their new little sister and we are looking forward to them getting to spend more time with her! Here are some more pics of our blessed weekend!

Our 1st pic as a family of 5

Such good big sisters!

Getting ready to go home

First nap at home


Number 3

Savannah Faith
7 lbs 3 oz - 20 in.

Well after 9 months, we're here at the hospital expecting baby number 3 to be born today! We'll be updating often throughout the day so check back. Will try to make this as "family friendly" as possible without scaring away the squeamish.

May 23rd 2008:
5:00 am - Alarm went off to call the hospital to make sure a bed was available. Emily gets up, matt rolls over for 10 more minutes.
6:05 am - Arrive at hospital.
6:30 am - Registered and shown to delivery room.
7:45 am - Doctor examine - still 2cm dilated, 50% effaced, baby in -1 position (english translation, she is progressing but has a while to go)
8:10 am - Pitocin started.
8:45 am - Emily is calmly watching Baby Story on TLC of woman who is screaming and about to have baby in the car. :-/ Matt is wishing we could have had a police escort though.
10:15 am - completed first lap around the maternity wing.
10:23 am - Pitocin upped for 2nd time (hourly). Contractions showing up on the monitor, but nothing intense. "Where's the pain?"
11:21 am - Water broke! Contractions already feeling stronger.
12:22 pm - (wow, hour already went by??) Contractions are regular (~2 min apart). Baby doing great. Em is doing really well. Painful, but still bearable. Pain level is about 5 or 6.
1:15 pm - Busy hour! Pitocin was bringing on contractions too frequently so dosage was pulled back. Pain jumped up to 7-8.
1:30 pm - EPIDURAL! Going from "Don't touch me" and in obvious pain to "Oh, that was a contraction?" is a wonderful thing. Emily must have a high pain threshold since she did really well when the epidural was being given.
1:45 pm - Progressing really well in the last hour. Now 4 cm dilated and 75% effaced.
2:00 pm - Em taking a nap.
2:04 pm - Matt taking a nap.
3:15 pm - Not much going on. Just waiting for things to progress more. Baby seems quite content now. New evening shift nurses came; all have been wonderful so far.
4:25 pm - Wow, 9 cm! 10 and Em starts pushing!
4:51 pm - Getting the table set up...
5:02 pm - "ok, the head is right there, right there." (Doctor) 10 cm dilated so its almost time. She's pushing!
5:13 pm - Savannah Faith born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our lasts...

well, we're officially on our week of "lasts" as a family of four. Saturday night was our last time at church as a family of 4, pancake breakfast on Sunday morning was our last time as a family of 4, tomorrow will be my last time grocery shopping with just the girls. It's bitter-sweet... we absolutely can't wait for Savannah to join us in all of these family activities, but it's a bit sad to realize this chapter of our lives with just Gabriella & Addy is over. The twins on the other hand CANNOT wait for their new baby sister! Today, we took a tour of the hospital I'll be delivering at, and the entire time they just kept saying "baby 'Nannah" over and over :) I have no doubts they are going to be great big sisters! Unless I go early, I have a hospital room reserved for THIS FRIDAY - May 23rd! We will get to the hospital at 6am, and hopefully (if all goes well) Savannah will arrive later in the afternoon/early evening! Here is my 39 week belly pic :

I am so, so thankful to be feeling so great! We had a great weekend, which included a fund-raiser CF walk (we only went 2 miles, instead of 4 :), a family wedding that had a moon jump and inflatable obstacle course, and the girls' first time in the 2 yr old room at Sunday school! Their teacher said they did great! Here are some pics of all the fun!!



Lovin' the dogs!

No fear of the slide!


Time to party!

We had the girls' family party over the wkend.. and they had such a good time! When I asked them what they wanted on their cake the answers changed from Elmo to Bambi to Nemo to Dora, Dora to Spot, to Little People to Barney and back again - lol! So, I went with the most consistent answer which was Nemo (and they really do love that movie)!

cking out the Nemo cupcakes

A new apron for helping Mommy cook in the kitchen

A child after my own (neat-freak) heart.. she asked for a fork to eat her cupcake!!!

Gabs on the other hand, didn't mind getting messy :)

The 2 sweetest TWO year old birthday girls!!

Addy Grace


We were so overwhelmed and thankful to be home in the US this year for their b-day! It was such a blessing (and so appropriate) to celebrate these two girls and another year of life for them on Mother's Day -- I don't think there is a MORE blessed Mommy!!



I was able to visit my doctor yesterday! She told me I am 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I have felt the baby drop the past week and she confirmed that she had! So, we have some progress! At this point if Savannah doesn't come early, we will plan on inducing the wkend of my due date (which is Memorial Day wkend).. so ready or not, she IS coming!!! I've been having some contractions, none of which have been painful yet (YAY!).
We still need to officially decide on a middle name, I should probably pack my hospital bag in the near future, I need to find sheets for the bassinet (and get those washed :) and a few other things, like install the infant car seat, have the girls' 2nd birthday party (family party), attend a fund-raiser 4 mile walk, celebrate our 4 yr anniversary, attend a wedding, and hopefully close on a HOUSE!!! Ha, then I'll have to think about painting, decorating and packing too! What a month!! All that to say we are EXCITED at all the Lord is doing and can't wait for all May has for our family!!