Happy Birthday Emily/Mom!!!

Love, Daddy & the girls


long Thanksgiving wkend!

Yay, for 4 and a half day weekends! Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and we were blessed to be able to spend it with almost ALL of our immediate family. I don't think the girls went without attention for longer than 2 seconds, and of course they loved it!

We set up all of our Christmas decorations the girls went crazy! They love the tree (and of course the Dora and Mickey ornaments are their favorites :), the lights, the snowmen ("man"), and the baby Jesus ("Je je sus") in the nativity! We went to go see the lighting of the big Christmas tree, met Santa (twice), went for a horse drawn carriage ride (brought back really good memories from our days in Guat), saw some ice sculpting, and got to squeeze in a Starbucks run :) I'll let the pics show how much fun we had!

Wearing their mittens for the first time :)

We were so, so thankful this year to have our girls home with us forever! It would be impossible to count all our blessings as there are far too many!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


"Dada, wooo"

Every morning i go into the girls room to see those sweet faces wide awake and ready to go (half the time they are jumping on their beds :), and almost every morning the first question i get is "dada?", so after telling them time and time again dada was at work, they finally started telling me "dada, woo (work)". They also know that dada takes the choo-choo train to get to work and so finally last night we got to pick him up from the train and they got to see what "riding the choo-choo to work" actually means!

If you look closely you can see the RR crossing sign, lights and gates

"Where's Dada?"

I can't believe the girls have already passed 1.5 yrs old! They are both talking up a storm, saying new words almost every day! They are so smart and have actually been successful for the last week in potty training!! yay for mom not having to change as many dirty diapers, especially anticipating having 3 babies to change in 6 mos!! At their last doctors appointment Addy (little sis) passed up Gabriella in weight, for the first time in her life!! Addy weighed in at 18lbs and Gabri was a bit over 17.5 lbs! I found it funny that the doctor told us this time they actually made it ON the American growth charts. I think they were in the 3rd percentile, which totally makes me lol!

Next week I make it to that 2nd trimester, and we did find out I have my 20 wk ultrasound (when we find out if our new baby is a boy or girl) the first week of January! So, that will be a fun way to start off 2008! Yesterday at my 12 wk appointment I got to hear the baby's heartbeat (again) and it truly was amazing. I still don't think it has truly hit us yet, that another little life will be joining our family in less than half a year!

Oh, and who thinks it's ok to start Christmas stuff? ok, ok, i know it's still early and Thanksgiving isn't even over yet, but truly I want to stretch and enjoy Christmas this year like never before. Last year our Christmas was hard and pretty sad. I didn't even put up any lights, trees or decor last year.

This was my husband's attempt at a tree on Christmas morning! We had been praying since May that our little girls would be home for the holidays last year and it was sad to know they were thousands of miles away.

This year I've already been playing the Christmas music, and have the decor down and ready to unpack! Christmas cards are done and ready to be dropped in the mail, I've already been thinking thru where we can put our trees to keep them out of the way of little hands, and shopping is coming along. Matt and I are wanting to start new family traditions this year and want to incorporate baby Jesus' birthday for our little girls to try and understand! So, am I in trouble? Is it ok to just stretch Christmas a bit longer this year? :D

Matt and I last Christmas (missing our sweet girls).


Trick or Treat

Sorry, I'm late.. where in the world did October go? Here are our two little trick or treaters this year. Both costumes reminded me of Guatemala, so I decided I'd go for it. They really didn't go trick or treating besides to Nana & Papa's and Grandma's & Grandpa's.. but those costumes might just be big enough to fit them in next year too :)

Side note : the best part was probably when they wanted that candy soooo bad they chewed a hole thru the wrapper and tried to suck that chocolate out :)