ok, ok, ok...

I fully admit to it, apologize for it, and ask you not to hate me for it! I am LONG over-due for an update! I know, i know there's no excuse! we have been super busy and blogging has become a last priority... but i will try to do better! Hopefully some of you still ck this blog!

a few things that have happened : the twins are now fully potty trained (yay!), Savannah is loving solid foods and almost rolling over, our house has had a total face-lift, the twins have started learning their letters (they are so smart!), and we celebrated our FOREVER FAMILY DAY in July!! i will have to let the pics do the rest of the showing of all we've been up to, and how BIG the girls are all getting!!!

We went downtown to the beach to celebrate the twins being home for ONE year!

Went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner afterward!

Got to board Tall Ship Windy, downtown

Go Cubs Go (and Sox :) We're a multi-fan family :)

Celebrating my Grandma's 90th B-day!!

"Talking" up a storm

Dressing up

Getting so big!