my smarty pants' :)

those girls just love learning!!  in the past month they've learned to sing their ABC's, count 1-10 in espanol, and recognize letters A-H (plus M, and S :). They love to help mama w/ their baby sister (giving her the sippy cup, wiping her face when she drools, etc), tell us what their sunday school story was all about, sing to strangers at the grocery store, recognize all their shapes, color in the lines on their coloring pages and draw circles.  They are definitely closer to being 3 yr olds than 2 yr olds :(  growing up way too fast!!


for your enjoyment :)

don't you love this? my husband and the girls created this movie one night when i was out w/ a friend! What a fun surprise to come home to!!


ok, ok, ok...

I fully admit to it, apologize for it, and ask you not to hate me for it! I am LONG over-due for an update! I know, i know there's no excuse! we have been super busy and blogging has become a last priority... but i will try to do better! Hopefully some of you still ck this blog!

a few things that have happened : the twins are now fully potty trained (yay!), Savannah is loving solid foods and almost rolling over, our house has had a total face-lift, the twins have started learning their letters (they are so smart!), and we celebrated our FOREVER FAMILY DAY in July!! i will have to let the pics do the rest of the showing of all we've been up to, and how BIG the girls are all getting!!!

We went downtown to the beach to celebrate the twins being home for ONE year!

Went to Rainforest Cafe for dinner afterward!

Got to board Tall Ship Windy, downtown

Go Cubs Go (and Sox :) We're a multi-fan family :)

Celebrating my Grandma's 90th B-day!!

"Talking" up a storm

Dressing up

Getting so big!


my girls

ok just had to share!

this is GG & Addy in Guatemala when they were 6 mos old (wearing a 3 mos size Carters outfit)

This is "Nannah" today, just 2 days shy of being 2 months old, wearing the same outfit!

we are crazy busy here, since moving to our new home -- but are LOVING it! I'll post some before and after pics soon, as we finish painting, etc rooms!



Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July celebrating the amazing country we are blessed to live in!


We closed!

as of today, we are officially first-time homeowners!!! I am definitely most excited about having a YARD and a GARAGE (those things you miss out on w/ an apartment)! Lots of new house pics will be coming soon! First on our to-do list is hardwd floors in the Hearth Kitchen and Foyer!

Swinging on their new playset for the first time!!

Having fun w/ Savannah and the baby doll stroller!

We went for the twins' 2 yr doctor ckup yesterday (no shots, yay!) and the doctor said they are doing great! They weighed in at almost 22 lbs. each! So, yes that means that Savannah is already almost HALF their weight! Ha! It will only be a matter of time before I have "triplets" I'm thinking :D


Chunky Monkey!

I went for Savannah's 1 mos ck-up on Tuesday and was shocked (but pleased) that our sweet "little" Miss had gained almost 3 lbs in her first month of life! She also grew 1.5 inches! So, I think it will only be a matter of time, before she catches up to the twins (can you believe she's already close to half their weight -- crazy!). All the girls are doing so well, and we're really getting into a great schedule!


Our past 2 weeks

we have been keeping plenty busy with three little ones.. but also have been enjoying our sweet little blessings! here are a few pics to catch up since Savannah has come home!

After playing out in the rain with Daddy (they took the big towels and left Daddy the little one :)

So excited for their first picnic!

Lovin' their baby sister


Addy Grace

Our THREE girls!!!

Being as adorable as usual :D

The other day Addy made up her own "knock-knock" joke.. the best part is that she had only previously heard one before she came up with her own.. too cute!!



wow, were we blessed with a great baby! We went to Savannah's one wk doctor's appointment on Friday and she had already passed her birth weight by 3 oz! She is already letting us get 4-5 hrs of sleep at night and has been nursing really well! Can't believe how big she's already gotten in just over a week! Her big sisters are so sweet to her and have been adjusting to a new baby at home! Please pray for me, if you would, as Matt will have to head back to work this upcoming wk (at least for part of it) and I'll be missing his help.


Our new baby!

We were released from the hospital today and are home! I want to thank everyone specifically for all your comments and prayers for us and me, while we were at the hospital -- i DO NOT have ONE complaint. God was so good to me and my labor was amazing and easy (don't hate me :). Savannah is better, sweeter, cuter and more adorable than I could have imagined! The twins' are so sweet to their new little sister and we are looking forward to them getting to spend more time with her! Here are some more pics of our blessed weekend!

Our 1st pic as a family of 5

Such good big sisters!

Getting ready to go home

First nap at home