Tick, tock, tick, tock

"So, what's going on?" you ask. "Not much" is my response (hence the lack of posts :) Adoption is so much about WAITING... which i admit i'm really not very good at. Waiting for others, waiting for government entities that say "yes" or "no", waiting for paperwork, waiting for money (haha, more like hoping, but you know what i mean), waiting for information, waiting for YOUR CHILD! Lots and lots of waiting...
In the meantime, we are working on our 1st (and biggest) fund-raiser:


We are going BIG this time and I have high expectations.... if you have anything, anything at all you are planning on donating in the near future, throwing out or wanting to just give away - SAVE it!! We'll be HAPPY to take it off your hands!! I will be posting more about this in future posts!

Here are the girls with our some of our final paperwork - now we just continue to WAIT!



make sure all outlets have outlet covers √
install child-proof locks on any cabinets w. anything that could be dangerous/hazardousness √
make sure our water temperature is 115 degrees or lower √
make sure all smoke detectors are working √
make sure carbon monoxide alarm is working √
put up all candles/matches, so they are out of reach √
clean the house from top to bottom √
make sure our firearms are safely stored (easy if you don't have any :) √
make sure window drape cords are not hanging within reach √
prepare to explain our marriage relationship, how we parent and lots of other personal ?'s √
make sure our fire extinguisher is in working order √
baby gates in place √
prep my children to try not to say anything too embarrassing or awkward ;) √

SOOOOOO.... looks like we're ready for our HOMESTUDY this upcoming week! YAY!