Visits and visitors

I cannot believe it's already been ONE WEEK since we got home! in so many ways, it can't be true because i feel like it was just yesterday, and in so many other ways i feel like it can't be true because it feels like we've been home forever! The girls are doing so, so well! I am so proud of them and so happy to be their mama! We've been keeping plenty busy with meeting family and friends.

Our 1st visit was to go see Uncle Dan

Meeting Great Grandpa J

A Saturday morning visit with Great Aunt MK

Hanging out with Uncle Benny

Making sure we got to meet Uncle Mike before he leaves for school

We've been so busy! Playing at the park, feeding the ducks and fish (pics to follow), swimming and many trips to target! I have been pleasantly surprised at how much everyone loves seeing the girls, it makes me laugh to realize that the most common question i get from strangers is "are they twins?". So, far not ONE ignorant comment either!!! Today a lady at Target told me that they look like dolls -- i'd have to agree. I love those sweet little muñecas!!

Playing the piano like their daddy!



I could type a short book, and add tons of pics to go with it but instead i'll give you a short and condensed version of the past few days!

we only had a couple suitcases :)

"mom, is this my passport?"

the girls did wonderful on both flights home, and we literally caught our flight to Chicago with about 1 minute to spare, but we thankfully made it! i had to keep pinching myself and blinking to realize that we were truly ALL going home. As our plane flew over the Chicago skyline, both girls pressed their little noses up against the window and just stared at all the cars and buildings. We were welcomed at the airport by the girls' grandparents and tios (uncles) and tias (aunts). It was a joyous reunion, with lots of tears!

The grandparents anxiously awaiting!

Daddy & "Smiles"

Mommy & "Squeaks"

Going to get our luggage

these past few days at home have been a whirlwind! Unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, pink eye, visitors, and so many firsts for the girls! We have experienced our first time in car seats, first bath in a real tub (with both girls together!), first trip to the park, first trip to the grocery store, sleeping in “big girl beds” for the first time, first time watching TV (no we didn’t have one in Guatemala), eating in their booster seats for the first time and so much more!

First time in car seats

The girls have done so great, I couldn’t have hoped for their transition to have gone any better! They are eating well, napping great and still sleeping 7p-7a!! They are loving meeting new family and friends, and of course wave “hola” to all the people who stop to comment on how cute they are! Surprisingly, the most common question I’ve received so far is “are they twins?” which makes me laugh.



I promise, promise to post more later. but i had to let you all know that we made it safely home to Chicago! as i type my girls are fast asleep in their new room, in their new big girl beds!!

here are just a few pics to hold you over, 'til my next post, promise it will be asap!

"flying is lots of fun!"

"Look at me, I'm on an airplane!"

"ok, mom where are all these people who you say want to meet us?"



Guatemala City, here we come!!

Today was our LAST DAY in La Antigua, Guatemala. I actually expected to be less sad, but it's hard for me when i'm leaving behind friends, who just as badly as I want to be home with their families. I just cannot stop thanking the LORD for allowing us to go home! We are so excited to see family and friends, and to introduce the girlys!!

Tomorrow we will be staying at a hotel in Guatemala City, so we can be close the airport for our early morning Tuesday flight! Hoping the weather is nice so we can utilize the pool, and we'll also meet up with our girls' foster mom to say "good-bye" before we leave.

Please pray for us tomorrow at 3:30. We will be picking up the girls' Visas if all goes well.

Here are the princesitas, with their crowns :)

eating their papas fritas!

oh, and some how I came down with pink eye today, so let's hope i can keep that to myself and not share with anyone else!


Please raise your right hand!

As the man behind window #8 today, said those words i couldn't help but tear up. We have waited so long, and hit so many bumps and altho they are still there and will never disappear, today the pain faded a little bit! The girls have always been worth it, and we've never once regretted our decision, but today as we sat in the US Embassy waiting room filled with adopting parents and Guatemalan children, something new, big and different filled my heart! I was just overwhelmed with excitement, gratitude, and a feeling that only causes me to just shake my head over and over and over again -- is that amazement?? GOD has been my rock thru this, He has increased my faith and taught me more than I could even try to begin to list. HE has truly amazed us. HE has chosen these precious, sweet babies to be our daughters and to join our family! HE has given me the passion, energy and strength to care for them by myself, in a 3rd world country for over 4 months! HE has bonded these children to Daddy and I as tho we've been with them everyday since birth and HE has helped us finish well (not to mention in the NICK OF TIME)!!!

Adoption is an AMAZING journey, and I can't advocate enough for the children all over the world who just want and need a family. We did not consider adoption until we learned more about GOD's heart for orphans. I could list off statistics and post pictures, but ultimately I think it's a decision that you have to have a desire for. I just hope that my blog might have convinced even one family to make a difference in a child's life, maybe just one person who grew the desire to adopt! Ok, stepped down from my soapbox :)

Here is our Embassy Day family picture.


Embassy Day

We have another early morning tomorrow. Our taxi will pick us up at 5am, and off to the doctor we go!! Our Visa appointment at the US Embassy is at 8am, and afterwards we will head back to Antigua, for our LAST weekend here! We will stay at a hotel in Guatemala City Monday so that we'll be ready bright and early for our Tuesday flight!! It started to "hit" me more today. I was thinking about how incredibly grateful I am that i've been able to spend the past 4.5 mos getting to know my girls, I am also so grateful that the girls have had almost 1 mos straight with their daddy. I think these things will only help the transition to IL!!

There are so many things here in my babies' birth country that I am going to miss.


Pretty in PINK!!!

the girls are PINK!!! for those of you who aren't quite used to the adoption lingo ; basically our Visa Appointment with the US Embassy was issued today. The girls and i went to the USE ourselves to pick it up!

Our Visa Interview is scheduled on July 20, 2007, 8:00 am!!!
If the girls' Immigrant Visa is approved, they will be ready for pick-up on July 23, 2007, 3;30 pm. Our flight to O'hare leaves the next morning at 6:50 am, and will arrive in Chicago later that afternoon!!! We are well on our way! Praise GOD!!! I've finally allowed myself to start thinking about what it's going to be like to have our children home. My heart is just overwhelmed! AHHHHHH, we're really going home!!


This is IT!

This is the post that I've been wanting to type since we started this blog -----


After a crazy, long, hard, exhausting, exciting, and stressful day, it is finally done! We got the girls' passports this morning, we submitted for PINK after that. Our PINK slip will be issued tomorrow, and our appointment will be for this FRIDAY! Then we will pick up the girls' Visas on Monday afternoon, and travel HOME Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look out Chicago here we come! I think we are still in shock that we really have a date and that we are really ALL going home in a week!

Waiting in the car at the passport office this morning. daddy waited in line for almost 2 hrs.

God was so kind and good to give us our miracle! We're coming home, we're really, really coming home TOGETHER, as a family of 4 on July 24!!!! Our tickets are already booked -- yay!!!!