Happy New Year!

can it be that Christmas already came and went?? Hope everyone had a great Christmas and I can honestly say ours was one of the BEST ever! Seeing the holidays thru a child's eyes just makes you appreciate it so much more!! Since the girls came down with runny noses Saturday, they got to come with us to the candlelight church service. I think they enjoyed biting on the candles the best, i felt bad for the person who got our candles the next service :) We celebrated with my extended family, my immediate family, Matt's immediate family and two more Christmas's this wkend and next with our out -of-town family!!

Opening stockings Christmas morning!

Not quite getting that the bottle is for her baby doll :)

Our own Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus for the reading of the Christmas story!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!!


Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas!
For each of the families that are not quite complete this year, I pray that your heart will be comforted and that you might have a quiet peace, knowing God loves you and your loved ones.
Let's strive to remember the real reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday!!


To my sweet husband!!

Happy Birthday baby! Could it be that you're already halfway to 50!!! I'm so thankful I get to share everyday with you!


How can you not love snow...

when you are surrounded by this much love for the white stuff :) here is a short vid of the girls' first REAL "no, no, no" (snow!)

If there is still any left we are going to hit the sledding hills this wkend -- might be one of the best wkends ever!! I just can't wait to see them in their snow pants, boots, etc!!

and ok, i saw the requests for belly pics :) keep watching, i'll post that soon!!


Express Train

We went with Gramma, Grampa and Uncle Dan to ride the choo-choo this weekend, and boy did the girls have FUN! They not only rode once, but twice (spoiled, spoiled :)!

"Look, it's Santa!"

Sitting in the sleigh

Getting ready to ride the choo-choo!

"yay, that was the BEST!!"

The girls also got to experience SNOW for the first time!! Well, ok it was more like freezing rain, sleet and ice but it didn't bother them! They loved it, and I (for once) am so excited for our first real snow fall!